Lakewood Country Club Golf
Lakewood Country Club Golf
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Types of Membership

Full Member:

Full Membership in Lakewood Country Club is intended for those families living within 20 miles of the facility that desire all the social aspects of membership as well as full golfing priveleges. Full members enjoy uninhibited access to the pool, fishing in the club's ponds, invitations to all social events and golf priveleges without the need to pay a green fee.

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Extended Member:

The extended Member enjoys all the priveleges of the Regular Full Member and lives in Sampson County although at least 20 miles from the club facility.

For more Membership Information please call our Pro Shop @ (910) 525-4424 and we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Statewide Member:

Membership is welcomed by those living outside of Sampson County. As a Statewide member you will have access to all the priveleges of regular membership. This type of membership is for anyone not living within the boundries of Sampson County.

Other Memberships:

Pool and Social memberships are also available. Please call our pro-shop for more information on these exclusive memberships.

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